Bestselling author, success coach, and advisor

Simply put, I ignite the extraordinary in others.

My areas of interest include: 
  • Investing (success in real estate, stocks, crypto, venture)
  • Entrepreneurship (multiple 8 figure businesses created)
  • Health (diets, fasting, blood sugar, and more)
  • Behavioral change (especially habits)
  • Mindfulness (29-year meditator, non-violent communication, spirit journeys and more)
  • Goal setting (And when NOT to set goals)
  • Motivation (How to clarify and go after your dreams)
“In his decades of investing, Chris Kawaja has learned from some of the greatest minds in the business. He studied economics with Paul Krugman at Stanford, did investment research at Goldman Sachs, received an MBA with high distinction from the Harvard Business School, and worked with Ray Dalio at Bridgewater. You can regularly find him writing about personal finance, health, creativity, and more over at his growing blog and weekly newsletter Upwarding.com”

“Chris…makes too much sense”

“Absolute genius”

“Chris has learned from some of the greatest minds of our time such as Paul Krugman, Ray Dalio, and Peter Attia.  Although formally trained at Stanford at Harvard, his take is not academic.  He is a creative visionary with his own ideas, and he practices what he preaches – and has been ridiculously successful doing it.  He is fresh, accessible, and spot on.  You NEED to listen to and learn from him.”


I've spent the last few years making guest appearances on some of the most popular personal finance and investing podcasts in North America.

Fee free to check them out and listen!

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The real purpose of an emergency fund is to preserve it, not lose it.

"I really like it and it makes too much sense" - Jim S
"Absolute genius" - Millennial Investing Podcast


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