☝️ Upwarding #1: Helping me reduce CO2, Unridden waves, effortless mindfulness, MRI's, and being hungry

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Check out this photo by Chris Burkhard.  He has a ton of great surf photos but I love this one because nobody is riding the wave.  You just get to enjoy it in your imagination.


I love this meditation by Mooji, rated 4.64* on Insight Timer.  A lot of type-A people (myself included) try really hard to be present.  Mooji realizes that to get to the next level you need to abandon the effort.  "When you see an image of a fire on a screen, the screen doesn't burn".


So many diet tips and tricks.  But the easiest and most effective one for me is this: go to bed a little bit hungry, most nights.  I describe why this is the only thing that works for me.

One thing that doesn't work well for me is doing a lot of cardio.  I eat all the calories back and then some.  I like this image showing perception vs. reality.  It's a lot more about what and how much you eat (unfortunately).  I'm not saying don't do cardio.  Maybe just don't make it your main go to for weight loss.

Remember - vets don't tell you to feed your overweight dog the keto diet or take it on runs.  They tell you to give your dog less food.


High yield savings, treasury bonds, money market funds, and more options for short term cash needs!  I analyze their returns...and unlike a few years ago, there's really not much difference after-tax (unless you want to do Mercedes Benz demand notes).  In this post, I talk about current yields on seven investments (all negative after tax and inflation).  We'll talk about better options for your cash another week.

Random Thought

I met Andrew Yang last week.  One area I agree with him - there is plenty of inefficiency in our health care system.

The thing we miss is that this inefficiency is disguised as good service.  I like to think of MRIs as an example.  In Canada, if your knee is bothering you and you need a non-urgent MRI, you will receive a printout telling you to show up at 1:30am a few weeks from today.  They run those MRIs as much as they can.

In the US you could get a non-urgent MRI this afternoon.  Great service...but...it turns out a huge portion of the cost of an MRI is the capital/depreciation cost.  So while it's nice to get an MRI quickly, it's really a huge waste in the system since the cost of the machine is spread out over fewer procedures.  Both are true costs, but which system is serving people better?

Reflection question

Are you engaged with the moment right now?

This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play. - Alan Watts

Have a great week!

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