☝️ Upwarding #10: Lunch with an NBA star, Your Essence, Rice Surprises, The Ladder of Inference

Welcome to this week's Upwarding newsletter. Issue #10


This week I met a famous NBA star for lunch!

Picture by Cyrus Saatsaz

Note: I did not meet Steph Curry. But I did eat with another famous NBA player, and learned an epic amount including what constitutes a successful personality, how to be “cool” when you see a famous person in public, and more. Blog post here.


This “Essential Self Meditation” blew me away. Dr. Freeman introduces a powerful technique to mentally strip away all the things we define ourselves by: our body, our possessions, our personality, our relationships, etc. And what’s left is our essence. Guaranteed to lead to valuable insights about becoming your highest self.


Through a small investment in Longevity VC, I was lucky enough to question an expert on her longevity “hacks”. The most surprising and easiest hack: refrigerate rice at least overnight before eating it, (and maybe add coconut oil before cooking).

Why? The cold turns the digestible starch into “resistant starch”, an extremely desirable molecule that makes you feel more satiated…and is also linked to improved insulin response, lower chance of Alzheimers, better heart health, and more. Think of it like high powered fiber.

Oh, and by the way, this cooling technique reduces the calorie content a lot – maybe even 50%. It’s normal to think that fresher food is always healthier. In this case, it’s not.


A lot of you enjoyed my 5-minute writeup on investing in private real estate deals, so I’m back at you with part 2: my takeaways from investing in 3 private real estate deals. To summarize: only invest your money with total experts.

Random Thought

The above is called the “ladder of inference”. You start at the bottom.

I am consistently amazed by our tendency to rapidly and illogically move up this ladder …especially in the way we explain other people’s behavior. Most frequently, “well we know political figure X did Y because Z”. And yet we are remarkably bad at even explaining our own behavior. How can we begin to guess at the complexity of someone else’s motives? Stay down on this ladder friends…


Two cool ones from Alan Watts:

“We are all addicts, and doing is our fix”

“If the meanings of things were simply in ends, composers would only write finales” –

In other words - let’s enjoy the journey!

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