☝️ Upwarding #14: Reducing CO2, Wonderful Humans, Universal Diet Tips, and Pricing Your Time.

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The average Tesla uses about 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year less than an equivalent Civic (see here, here, and here). Over the course of five years, after a higher price and lower gas consumption, you can expect the Tesla to cost about $5,000 more.

If instead you gave $5,000 to the charity cooleffect.org, which gives cookstoves to families in Uganda, you would offset 744 times more carbon. Ignoring the tax benefits of giving to charity, which only makes the contrast more impressive.

I get the signaling value of driving an electric car, but if your priority is reducing carbon, it might be worth considering a donation to cooleffect.org instead. By the way, the project also improves children’s health and has a huge impact on gender equality.


Here’s a great question from Sadhguru to reflect on/journal about: “what makes a human being a wonderful human being?”. Especially good for values alignment around big questions!


I love this article, entitled “3 things all diets agree on”.

  1. More veggies
  2. More whole foods
  3. Less sugar


There are a lot of apps out there that pay you for shopping you are already doing. Seems like free money, but is it worth the hassle? I share my experience and suggestion in this blog post.

Random Thought

I find it useful to put a price on my time, but it can easily be taken too far. It’s helpful to calculate, for example, the cost of searching for a better deal on a product (you spent thirty minutes to save $3?). But should you use it to help figure out whether to go to lunch with a friend? Ultimately that might make you richer in $$ but a lot less rich in life experience...


While quantitatively inaccurate, I like this quote:

“Remember, there are a billion cells in your body and all they care about is you”


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