☝️ Upwarding #16: 20 Mile March, Metta, Loving Voice, and Hell Yes.

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Roald Amundsen was a Norweigan explorer, competing to be the first to the South Pole in 1910 vs. Robert Falcon Scott.

Amundsen succeeded admirably and Scott’s entire troop died. Much has been made of their different approaches to the problem, but one point that has always stood out to me is the idea of heroic consistency. Amundsen had his team go a difficult but not impossible 20 miles per day, every single day, REGARDLESS of the weather. Scott would rest up when the weather was bad and do huge surges of activity to meet his goal. Read more detail here.

I believe that we underestimate the power of consistent action – you don’t need to be a hero every day…you need to be consistently heroic. In other words, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Whether that’s with diet, writing, or really anything you are trying to make progress on.


We’ve previously reviewed different types of meditation, from basic vipassana to gibberish to essential self. Another powerful technique is “metta” – loving kindness. Where you start by giving love and compassion to yourself, and gradually expand the circles out. I find the most powerful circle the one about the random people you intersect with every day (think “cashier at the grocery store”) and how you can change lives by viewing them with more love and light.


In the realm of “non-diet”, something that I have been experimenting with. “What does the most loving voice in me say about what I should eat” – which is usually not overly restrictive nor overly disciplined. The voice is harder to hear when I have a strong mood, but it’s an interesting tool. Check out Andrea Wachter.


I’m a big fan of the Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio for my spare cash – 88% VGIT and 12% VTI.

During February, the stock market plunged 8%, but the ULP racked up a gain of 0.89%. It’s been a consistent returner for 9 decades.

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Random Thought

I’m working on taglines for Upwarding. Email me your vote or thoughts:

1) Current: Unleash your Highest Self
2) Ignite the Rise
3) Incight. Impact. Enjoy. (Incight being the blend of Insight/Incite).


“If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no” – Tim Ferriss

We live in a world of overwhelm. We need new systems to deal with it. This is a great one. I’m learning to love saying NO!

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