☝️ Upwarding #18: Annual Quarantines, Relaxing Music, Whoop!, Keep Changing

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Click here for a great visual of why social distancing is so important. Individual results based on randomization, so do your own and see!

Which has me thinking: should the country do an annual 4-day quarantine every February to stop the flu and cold in its tracks? We’d save billions of dollars to offset the cost of closing up the country, plus we’d save thousands of lives…

Check out the blog post here.


A recent study showed that this is the single most relaxing song. “Weightless” by Marconi Union. It reduced anxiety by 65%!


I finally settled on a “wearable” fitness device, Whoop (we both get a month free if you click that). So far, I absolutely love it. No screen is a great advantage for me!

Two interesting ideas they have:

  1. Your workout intensity should vary depending on how rested your body is.
  2. You can and should actively experiment to figure out how your body responds to various behaviors.

In general, Whoop has caused me to work out LESS intensely. Do I feel better – so far, a resounding YES! And evening alcohol DEFINITELY impacts my sleep and recovery, much more than I thought.


Stocks really aren’t THAT cheap yet (OK, keep in mind that from writing this to you reading it the whole world could have changed, so this is as of 3/19/2020). Two measures I look at:

  1. 10 year returns. Low trailing 10 year returns usually mean great future performance. 10 year returns are about “middle of the pack” (6.2% annualized), so nothing ringing the buy signal here.

  2. P/E ratios. Very basic and somewhat flawed measure, but…definitely “E” (earnings) are projected to go down at least temporarily, and the current P/E ratio of the US market (again, as of this writing) is 17.75 – actually higher than the historical average which is in the high 15s.

Random Thought

Trying to think of small ways to contribute during our mandated “Shelter in Place” here in Northern California.

Idea #1:

A win-win we are practicing in my home during no school: give your kids a project to learn about their grandparents. Could be anything from listening to one life story a day, to writing a brief history, to learning a skill.

Grandparents are particularly isolated right now, and kids are home-schooled and hopefully ready to learn. I recommend FaceTime!

Idea #2:

Buy gift certificates from body workers, local restaurants, etc. There are a few movements that are doing this, example: https://saveourfaves.org/. Or just do it ad hoc. The idea is to give these businesses funding now, for services you will use in the future, since they are without revenue and still have obligations to meet. I happen to think that the businesses should give some kind of small discount since this is functionally a loan, but I’ll do it either way.


….keep changing, you just get more of who you really are” – from Hokusai Says, by Roger Keyes

Stay well,