☝️ Upwarding #3: Worry-free sleep, A different approach to back pain, All upside with no downside investing?, A key lesson from Scrabble, and making excuses.

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Winter is starting to set in. Enjoy this fall/winter transitional picture by Eberhard Grossgasteiger.


Love the counter-intuitive advice in this “Worry-Free Sleep” meditation/sleep aid by Matthew Young. Try to stay awake! Keep thinking about one thing! Keep your eyes open! Somehow this puts you to sleep. Rated 4.68* and a super interesting approach that taught me a lot about what actually keeps us lying awake at night.


In 2017 had my third crippling back spasm in as many years. I ended up reading virtually every highly rated back book on Amazon. My favorite was Crooked by Cathryn Ramin. And within the book I was most intrigued by the approach taken by Dr. Stuart McGill out of Canada. Rather than thinking of back pain as a stretching and mobility issue, McGill sees it as a muscular endurance problem. I did his three exercises religiously every morning and my back has never been better. I continue to do it most days of the week. You can get down in the weeds with this guy but ultimately the answer is: just spend five minutes a day on these three exercises and you’ll see a total transformation. Surgery be damned!


Can you get the upside of the stock market with the downside protection of bank deposits? Market-Linked CDs make this promise. The answer is: sort of. And the second answer is: if you want this you’re probably better off doing it on your own. I get down into the geeky weeds with models and forecasts and conclude that these are better than long term CDs but have only very specific applications.

Random Thought

I’m a decent but not amazing Scrabble player. I average about 350 points per game – the kind of person who would beat most of his friends but get clobbered at a tournament. The process of getting better at Scrabble has impacted most areas of my life, since the lessons are remarkably transferrable. Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned in Scrabble is to never say “If Only”. If Only I had this letter, If Only the triple word wasn’t blocked, If Only I hadn’t given up my Z on the last hand. Here’s a post on the dangers of “If Only”, and how to get over it.


“No excuses. Play like a champion.” -Wedding Crashers.

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