☝️ Upwarding #47: Adopting Elder Dogs, Positive Language Changes, Ayurvedic Eating Tip, Busy-ness

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This picture is from Muttville.org, an organization that does adoption for senior dogs (aged 6 and older).  I have adopted two dogs from them, a wonderful experience!

My main lesson: if you are over 60, do not buy a puppy whose breed has a long lifespan (especially Chihuahuas).  A huge number of the dogs who end up here were puppies to once spry 65 year-olds who later got dementia (or died) before the dog.  65 feels young and fresh, but be careful taking on a long commitment at that age.  The dogs will thank you!


More word replacements for a better life:

But > And

Have to > Get to

Should > Could

I am angry > I feel angry

I’m not (desire) > I’m not (desire) yet

I’m not (desire) > I am becoming (desire)

Our plan is this > Our plan is this, or better


Have you ever noticed how a strong salty meal makes you crave something strongly sweet?  Ayurvedic medicine has identified six “tastes” to keep in balance, and recommends avoiding extreme flavors.

I find I can often be equally satisfied when I “dilute” the taste of something.  Instead of a meal bar, I add pieces of the meal bar to plain oatmeal.  Or add cauliflower rice to an egg dish.  Or spinach to a salad.  Or egg whites to eggs.  I call them “neutral adders” and they move you down the extreme flavor scale without much sacrifice.


Worried about inflation? Here is just a partial list of “real” assets” that should go up if inflation does.

1)    Businesses – can own via stock market, private equity, personal business

2)    Real estate – buildings, land, farmland, nut trees, etc.

3)    Commodities – including gold, commodity producers, oil and gas royalties, etc.

4)    Bitcoin – in theory, this is limited in supply.  Maybe not a “real” asset but theoretically should be protected against inflation.

5)    Collectibles – art, baseball cards, etc.

6)    Song royalties

Also consider: getting more debt, whose value is eroded in inflation.


“Beware the bareness of a busy life” – Socrates

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