☝️ Upwarding #48: Hated States, No Thin Boozers, Buy The Land, Unrealistic Goals

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Every state’s least favorite state.  That California exodus is pissing people off, isn’t it?


When I first started meditating about 30 years ago, it seemed to be reserved for the extreme hippies.  People thought I was nuts, judgements and questions abound at being a ‘normal’ guy who meditated.

Fast forward to 2021, meditation has become mainstream and is even used as a performance enhancer.  (Yes, this can defeat the spiritual purpose).  As meditation moves from the Type B crowd to the Type A crowd, I believe more emphasis should be placed on removing “effort” from meditation, and so counterintuitive practices like this one become increasingly useful.  A sample line “try to have as many thoughts as you can for the next one minute”.  I highly recommend it.


Lifestyle habits most correlated with eating more according to a meta analysis:

#3: Watching TV
#2: Sleeping poorly


#1: Drinking alcohol


Investments go up and down all the time, as well as in and out of fashion.  The current economic environment can seem so critical, and yet, over the long-term things are pretty predictable and thus investing rules are pretty simple.

That’s why I loved the high-level overview of asset class returns over the last 200 years.

Some observations:

1)    Equities have a great long-term record – 6.5% over inflation and quite consistently so over a variety of periods.

2)    Inflation eats up the value of “conservative” investments over time.  It’s very hard to make money when you invest conservatively, and in fact quite easy to lose it (in “real” terms – as in, what you can actually buy with your money).

3)    We have had anomalously incredible returns in bonds for the last 50 years.  Don’t count on it lasting.

4)    Commodities are overall pretty lousy investments – because there is a huge societal incentive at all times to drive down the cost of extracting them.  You are usually much better off investing in the companies doing the extraction than the commodities themselves.  (Or, as another example, buy the farmland instead of the wheat grown on it).


“Never set realistic goals.  You can have a realistic life without setting goals for it.” -Grant Cardone

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