☝️ Upwarding #54: Lying millipedes, Flipping the script, Evolving English Accents, Generating Luck

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In case you didn’t know, “millipede” means 1000 legs and no “true” millipede has ever been found.  They typically have closer to 200-600 legs.

Well, until a couple of weeks qgo, when this lady was found in an Aussie mining area: her leg count: 1306.


It’s been a tough month in my household as my son suffered a pretty severe leg injury.  A question that I have found helpful: what would it take for him to say five or ten years from now he said this was one of the best things that could have happened?

Try the following exercise, from Dr. Eric Rubin and Reverend Zoe Inman.  List the three worst things that have happened to you.  And the three best things.  Now say as you read the list of “worst” things, “the BEST thing that ever happened to me was…..”.  Do the opposite with your “best” things.  Watch your mind automatically gain greater perspective.


The people who eat the least consume at least 11% of their daily calories from protein at their first meal of the day.  It’s always better to eat protein from natural sources, but for a quick bite I like these Quest bars (which for some unknown reason tend to be on backorder most of the time).


For fun, here’s my 48 second wrap up of the crazy year that was investing in 2021.


Check out this video of how the English accent has changed over the last 700 years:


“Lucky people just try stuff” – Eric Barker.  

I’ve always loved this quote: give yourself more opportunities to be lucky!

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