☝️ Upwarding #56: Persistent Mules, Wage Inflation, A Hidden Cause of Hay Fever, Short Wars

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The biggest wave ever surfed – 80ft.  Cool big wave footage here.


Parable: a farmer thought an old mule was not worth saving when it accidentally fell into a well. He decided to put it out of its misery by burying it/shoveling dirt on top of it. Despite the farmer's best efforts to bury the mule, the mule kept shaking the dirt off and climbing on top until it was able to climb out of the well.  I like how this shows perseverance, and perhaps more importantly, “shaking things off”.


Here is a key result from a study that’s frequently touted by intermittent fasters.

While it looks impressive, the difference between those who did long fasts (18+) and no fasts is about 0.14 pounds in a YEAR.  You could just eat 500 calories less one day of the year and have the same effect.


Most people incorrectly believe that if inflation is 10% you need a 10% increase in your income to compensate.  You typically need less – a simple example ignoring taxes:

Your income is $100,000 per year.

You spend $50,000 per year and save $50,000.

Inflation is 10%.

Your cost of living is up $5,000.

You need a 5% increase in your wage if inflation is 10%.

Note that:

1)    The more you save, the less of a raise you need

2)    This naturally punishes lower wage earners who typically spend a higher percentage of their income

3)    During inflation, your investments should yield a higher return, which further offsets the need for an inflation increase.

Summary: it’s even more important to be frugal when prices are up.


Your hay fever might be getting worse because cities plant more male trees than female trees.


"The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions." - Robert Lynd, writer (20 Apr 1879-1949)

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