☝️ Upwarding #8: Upwarding #8: Crazy faces, Flip the Question, “Supplements”, Buying a Website, and Chocolate redux


I want you guys to meet Kate Wilson. Kate’s a yoga instructor who just completed her 500-hour yoga training and is starting to do some amateur modeling.

The only thing is…Kate doesn’t exist. Her image was generated using artificial intelligence, something called Style Gan 2. Want a model for your photo shoot? – click here and never pay a royalty again.

This freaked me out. If computers have figured out realistic faces, realistic moving faces and voices (i.e. video) can’t be far behind. We’re in for some major shocks across countless industries - modeling, movies (especially “adult”), criminal extraction of money, customer service…and all the things we haven’t even imagined yet.


Part of spirituality is asking the big questions, like “what do I want from life”. I love this meditation by Tess Howell-Byrnes because she flips the question to ask, “what does life want from me?”, rated 4.8 stars.


Here’s a fun message from GMB about the 5 “supplements” you need for good health.

🍔🍩  Delicious, nutrient-rich food

🛏️🛀  Rest and relaxation

🤔💭  Introspection and autoregulation

🚶🌲  Lots of physical activity (bonus points for getting outside)

🤝👯‍♀️  In-person social interaction

What the heck is with that last icon though?


My holy grail is to find 20 or more independent, uncorrelated, passive return streams. That’s why I’ve invested in things like farmland, private real estate, and oil royalties. Here’s a new one I’m looking at: buying a website. I think it’s especially interesting if you are familiar with SEO or marketing in general.

Random Thought

After my picture of hot chocolate, a friend responded by telling me about ceremonial chocolate. It’s about really savoring and appreciating the taste and origins of insanely amazing cacao. Firefly Chocolate is onto something here. Check them out!


“a hunter who takes aim at two prey at once will kill none” – Japanese Proverb (?)
Is this quote about multitasking and mindfulness, or goal setting, or something else? That’s for you to figure out…

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