☝️ Upwarding #9: Water Bears, Clear minds, Broccaboo, Oil Royalties, and Efficiency.


This is a “water bear”, aka a tardigrade. It’s a real living thing.

Don’t be deceived by its scary looks. Long after nukes demolish cockroaches (sorry, they won’t actually make it), this little guy will keep on going like that obnoxious 1990s Energizer bunny. It can survive temperatures ranging from -328 degrees F to +300 degrees F, environments ranging from six atmospheres of pressure to the outer space vacuum, intense radiation, and more. It’s helped shape my theory about life on other planets. Blog post on that coming soon.


Ruminative thinking” is the phrase used to describe repetitive (typically unhelpful) thoughts that dominate your mind . A few ideas to quiet them: 1) “brain dump” journaling, not analysis or introspection. Just write down thoughts as they appear, even if it’s the same thought many times in a row. 2) “symbol bubble”. Imagine the thought as a unique symbol that appears in your hands, then put it in a golden bubble that floats away. 3) “volume knob”. Be aware of the thought, and then imagine yourself slowly turning it down like it’s on a stereo dial. All the way to zero.


Names have a big impact on how much we like something. For example, we actually eat more of a well-named food! Unfortunately, highly-paid marketers have done a great job with names like “tater tots”. Which marketer is working to rebrand healthy foods like poorly-named “broccoli”? If you (or your kids) are having a hard time eating veggies, consider a rebrand. Dinosaur trees anyone?


We all love the idea of passive income…the idea that we can sit on a beach sipping a margarita while the checks roll in. But the term has lost its purity; check out this ridiculous list that includes supposedly “passive investments” like designing t-shirts or listing your place on AirBnb!

One investment I have that is passive, is oil royalties. You get (high!) monthly checks, but perhaps the bigger gift is you make more money when gas prices go up, and thus, your trip to the gas station becomes totally zen.

Random Thought

Rad reads author Khe Hy pointed out this list of email efficiency hacks. My 2 favorites: 1) create a filter so that emails you are cc’d on their own lower priority folder. 2) search your emails for the words “unsubscribe” and “manage my subscription” so that you can see, in one place, all the newsletters you are signed up for. Unsub from the ones you don’t like!


“The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life.” - David F. Jakielo. This is best exemplified by the rocks, pebbles, and sand story. See the two minute youtube video here.

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