Here’s a strategy I’ve heard about for generating a few thousand dollars a month with very little. It’s not without hassle, it’s likely not sustainable, but the returns are so crazy I had to present it to the people of Upwarding.


1)    Buy your own ATM and put it in your house

2)    Set the withdrawal fee at $10 (this goes to you, the owner)

3)    Open 20 checking accounts that have full ATM fee reimbursement

4)    Withdraw and re-deposit $20 per day per account

ATM fee reimbursement has become popular with the rise of online banks.  Provided you are willing to engage in the hassle of having a lot of bank accounts, this strategy is checking out as viable as of April 2021.


ATM $2800

20 accounts x $10 X 30 days = $6000/month

Make sure you check the ATM fee reimbursement language for each provider, as there may be limits.

Good luck!